Beta Version

Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank has initiated proper steps for implementing Online Real-Time Core Banking Solution (CBS). A Time Bound Action Plan has been approved by the board of directors to accomplish the mentioned task. According to the Time Bound Action Plan all branches of the Bank will be brought under CBS within January, 2021 phase by phase. Meanwhile the following branches has been brought under CBS:

Online Branches List

Sl. No. Zone Name Branch Name Address Telephone Mobile No. Email Address
1Bogra (North)AliarhatP.O. Aliarhat, P.S. Shibganj,
2Bogra (North)BograSarifuddin Super Market, PO & Dist.
3Bogra (North)RahbalP.O. Deuli, P.S. Shibgonj,
4Bogra (North)SehalihatP.O. Sehalihat, P.S. Shibgonj, Bogra
5Bogra (North)Shah NagorP.O. Kamarpara, P.S. Sador, Bogra
6Bogra (North)ShajahanpurP.O. Majhira, P.S. Shajahanpur, Bogra
7Bogra (North)ShibganjP.O. & P.S. Shibganj,
8Bogra (South)BhatraP.O. Bhatra, P.S. Nandigram, Bogra
9Bogra (South)DupchanchiaP.O. & P.S. Dupchanchia, Bogra
10Bogra (South)Nandigram P.O. & P.S. Nandigram, Bogra +88-05027-76063+880-1708807101nandigram
11Bogra (South)RazabazarP.O. Bogra, P.S. Sadar,
12Bogra (South)Sherpur P.O. & P.S. Sherpur, Bogra +88-05029-77025+880-1708807097sherpur
13Chapai NawabgonjChapai NawabganjP.O. Uz & Dist. Chapai
14Chapai NawabgonjRahanpurP.O. Rahanpur, Upazilla Gomostapur, Chapai
15DhakaDhaka Corporate Branch65, Dilkusha (First Floor),
16Dinajpur (North)BirganjP.O. & P.S. Birganj,
17Dinajpur (North)ChirirbandarP.O. & P.S. Chirirbandar,
18Dinajpur (North)DinajpurMaldahapatti, PO Dinajpur, P.S. Kotwali,
19Dinajpur (North)SetabgonjP.O. & P.S. Bochagonj,
20Dinajpur (South)Birampur P.O. & P.S. Birampur, Dinajpur
21Dinajpur (South)Fulbari P.O. & P.S. Fulbari, Dinajpur
22Dinajpur (South)HakimpurP.O. Banglahili, P.S. Parbatipur,
23Dinajpur (South)Majhipara P.O. Pulhat, P.S. Sador,Dinajpur
24Dinajpur (South)NawabgonjP.O. & P.S. Nawabgonj, Dinajpur
25Dinajpur (South)ParbotipurP.O. & P.S. Parbatipur, Dinajpur
26GaibandhaGaibandhaGaibandha Sadar,
27Head OfficeLocal Principal Office (LPO)272, Banolata C/A
Airport Road, Rajshahi
28JoypurhatJoypurhatJoypurhat, Sador,
29JoypurhatKalaiP.O. P.S. Kalai,
30JoypurhatPanchbibiP.O. P.S. Panchbibi,
31KurigramKurigramStation Road,
32LalmonirhatKaliganjPO Karimpur & P.S. Kaligonj,
33LalmonirhatLalmonirhatLalmonirhat Sadar, Lalmonirhat+88-0591- 5520
34NaogaonNaogaonBazar Road,
35NatoreAhmadpurP.O. Ahmmadpur, P.S. Baraigram, Natore
36NatoreBagatiparaP.O. Laxmonhati, P.S. Bagatipara,
37NatoreBerilabariP.O. Berilabari, P.S. Lalpur, Natore
38NatoreBoraigramP.O. Haroa, P.S. Baraigram,
39NatoreChowgramP.O. Chowgram, P.S. Singra,
40NatoreGopalpurP.O. Rajapurhat, P.S. Baraigram,
41NatoreGouripurP.O. Dhapari, P.S. Lalpur,
42NatoreGurudashpurP.O. & P.S. Gurudaspur,
43NatoreHalshaP.O. Biprohalsa, P.S. Sador,
44NatoreKadamchilanP.O. Panchabari, P.S. Lalpur,
45NatoreKafuriaP.O. Jeuoara, P.S. Sador,
47NatoreKholabariaP.O. Laxmipurhat, P.S.Baraigram,
48NatoreLalpurP.O. . Gopalpur, P.S Lalpur, Dist.
49NatoreNatoreP.O. & P.S. Natore,
50NatoreSikarpur BazarGurudaspur,
51NatoreSingraP.O. & P.S. Singra,
53NilphamariSaidpurP.O. & P.S. Saidpur,
54PabnaAtghoriaP.O. Chandva, P.S. Atghoria,
55PabnaAurongozebroadP.O. & P.S. Pabna ,
56PabnaChatmoharP.O. & P.S. Chatmohar,
57PabnaIswardiP.O. P.S. Iswardi,
58PabnaJoynagarP.O. Joynagar, P.S. Iswardi,
59PabnaPabnaAbdul Hamid Road,
60PabnaSanthiaP.O. & P.S. Santhia,
61PabnaSingaP.O. Singa, P.S. Sador,
63RajshahiBaghaP.O. Bagha,
64RajshahiBhabaniganjP.O. Bhabaniganj,
65RajshahiBinodpurP.O. Binodpur Bazar,
66RajshahiGreater Road KazihataSadaron Bima Bhaban, Kazihata,
67RajshahiKharkhariP.O. Kharkhari, Upazilla Paba,
68RajshahiMohonpurP.O. Mohonpur,
69RajshahiPabaP.O. Sapura, Upazilla Paba,
70RajshahiPuthiaP.O. Puthia, Upazilla Puthia,
71RajshahiRajshahiP.O. Ghoramara,
76SirajgonjKamarkhandP.O. Bodijamtoli, P.S. Kamarkand,
77SirajgonjNewargachaP.O. & P.O. Ullapara,
78SirajgonjPanchakushiP.O. Panchakushi, P.S. Ullapara,
79SirajgonjPurnimahatP.O. Puronimeghat, P.S. Ullapara,
80SirajgonjRaiganjP.O. Dhangara, P.S. Raigonj,
81SirajgonjSaydabadP.O. Sahajadpur,
82SirajgonjShajadpurP.O. & P.S. Shajadpur,
83SirajgonjSirajgonjP.O. P.S.& Dist.
84SirajgonjUllahparaP.O. & P.S. ullapara,
85ThakurgaonThakurgaonNorth Circular Road, Upazilla & Dist.