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Circular and Forms
Publish Date Title Link
03 Nov 2011 LAD2-04/2011: Special Loan Program for Freedom Fighter Download
24 Oct 2011 LAD2-02/2011: Special Credit Program for Adivasi/ Small Ethnic Groups Download
19 Jun 2011 LAD2-03/2011: Policy on Recruitment of Supplier for Solar Energy, Bio-gas, Effluent Treatment Plant Download
01 Jun 2011 BSD:02/2011: Increasing Financial Power in Computer Stationary Head Download
29 Mar 2011 LAD1-02/2011: Simplification of CC Renewal Download
30 Nov 2010 Proka/HRD-07/2010-2011/726(36): Approved PRL and Encashment of Earn Leave Download
30 Nov 2010 HRD-0: Application Format of PRL Download
29 Nov 2010 HRD0: Certificate of Liability Download
29 Nov 2010 HRD0--: Check List for Sanction of Pension & Gratuity Papers Download
06 Jun 2010 BCD-02/2010: Re-fixing Schedule of Charges Download
20 Apr 2010 BCD-03/2010: Re-fixing Schedule of Charges Download
04 Mar 2010 CAD1-01/2010: One Stop (Banking) Service Download
28 May 2009 LAD2-02/2009: To Initiate RCC Program in all Districts Download
28 May 2009 HRD-00: Application Format for Leave and Encashment before PRL Download
27 May 2009 HRD0-: Application Format for Leave and Encashment after PRL Download
01 Sep 2008 LAD1:Circular Letter No.-03/2008: চলতি পুঁজি/ক্যাশ ক্রেডিট ঋণ পূর্বের লিমিটের ২৫% এর অধিক মঞ্জুরির বিধি-নিষেধ শিথিলকরণ Download
31 Jul 2008 LAD1-03/2008: Lending Policy on SME Download
31 Jul 2008 LAD1-05/2008: Cash Credit for Hybrid Nursery Download
31 Jul 2008 LAD1-04/2008: Lending Policy on RAKUB Fishery Village Download
31 Jul 2008 LAD1:Circular Letter No.-02/2008: জামানতি সম্পত্তির মূল্য নির্ধারণ প্রসঙ্গে Download



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