Use of Information Technology (IT) in RAKUB

RAKUB stepped into the world of computers in the year 1993. During the nineties of the last century RAKUB made some progress in computerization of its accounting and lending activities. The bank has been implementing a long-term perspective Time Bound Action Plan to be concluded in the year 2021 with computerization of all the branches of the bank.

The Bank envisages it to be a daunting task to run the business in days to come with its present workforce of only 3,653 employees (as on 29-10-2015). So, a large-scale automation program would be essential to run the Bank in an efficient way under the duress of shortage of manpower and at the same time ensure quality customer service.

Perspective ICT Plan: 2009-2014

Need of computerization of activities of a banking institution in today's perspective could hardly be overemphasized. Compared to other banks RAKUB has been lagging far behind in respect of computerization in general and computerization of branch banking in special. However, it has come up in the recent years in respect of computerization of branches. The central bank has underscored the need of computerization of banks from time to time. Under the circumstances the Bank devised an elaborate Perspective ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Plan: 2009-2014. Recently the bank has revamped the plan to cope with rapid changes taking place in the IT scenario of the banking arena of the country, specially for taking measures for implementation of Bangladesh Automated Clearing House (BACH).

Data Center image
Figure: Data Centre.
Training Lab image
Figure - Computer Traingin Lab.

Perspective ICT Plan: 2009 through 2014 has covered the following issues:

  • Details of Hardware and Software procurement during the years
  • Computerization of all branches and controlling offices
  • Training up bank's personnel

The bank has been computerizing its branches by establishing LANs in the branches. Under this type of computerization inter-branch electronic transaction is not possible. Total 282 branches of the bank have already been computerized (Off-line). Besides the bank has been implementing a plan of computerizing all of its branches by December 2016. All branches will be under CBS by the fiscal year 2017-2018.

IT Workforce as laid down in the Organization Structure of the bank:

# Post No.
01 DGM 1
02 AGM (Sr. System Analyst/ Sr. Maintenance Engr.) 2
03 SPO (System Analyst/ Sr. Programmer/ Operational Manager/Database Administrator) 4
04 PO (Asstt. System Analyst/Programmer/ Computer Operational Supervisor/ Maintenance Engr./Asstt. Database Administrator/ Network System Engr./ Asstt. Operational Manager) 12
05 Senior Officer (Asstt. Programmer/ Sr. Computer Operator/ Asstt. Maintenance Engr./ Asstt. Network System Engr.) 11
06 Officer (Data Entry Supervisor/Data Control Supervisor) 3
07 Computer Operator 5
08 Data Entry Operator 1
09 Peon 2
Total 41