Northwest Crop Diversification Project (NCDP)

Northwest Crop Diversification Project (NCDP) is an ADB financed project, launched with the aim of boosting high value crop production in 61 upazilas of 16 northern districts of the northwest region comprised of Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions. The NCDP has been designed for the small-scale farmers for promoting economic growth and reducing poverty through diversification and intensification of High Value Crops (HVCs). Besides, the project also aims at improvement of rural marketing system management and infrastructure development.

Project Period:

January 2001 to June 2009.

Fund Allocation:

ADB provided SDR 35.71m for implementation of the project from their special fund resources. The project was implemented under the supervision of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), ministry of Agriculture. It had two separate credit components, one for providing high value crop production credit (SDR 13.521 m) to the small and marginal farmers through four participating NGO's (BRAC, PROSHIKA, GKF & RDRS) and the other for providing agro-business credit (SDR 0.77 m) to the entrepreneurs directly by select branches of the bank. RAKUB was the participating finance institution for providing the crop production and agribusiness credit.

Present Position:

Presently the bank has been running the project’s high value crop production credit component with revolving fund.