Revolving Crop Credit Program

Selection of Borrower:

The farmers those who are cultivating crop through all the year can have loan of this credit program.

Credit Limit:

Following the agro-loan program (policy) of Bangladesh Bank, one can get loan only for yearly crop (life time one year). But loan disbursement should be about approved selected crops. The old borrowers are also given credit again parallel with the new borrower according to crop credit limit.

Rate of interest:

The rate of interest of corps credit is 10% (variable). Moreover Bank rules will be applicable if loan is not paid with due date. But good customer will get the opportunity of 1% rebate.

Credit Duration:

The duration of this credit program is three (3) years.

Renew/Again Loan Grant:

The loan is automatically renewed if it’s past year interest & principal amount is completely recovered. But the application and necessary particulars will be required to grant loan for the following facts:

  • The change of crop production plan.
  • Consumed loan limit exceed.

Details Information:

Contact nearest branch.

N.B. : Rate of interest is variable time to time by the Bank Interest Rate Principles.