Farmer's Credit Limit (FCL)


Alongside short-term and term agricultural loan, in pursuit of annual grain/crop production plan and agricultural and rural rules of Bangladesh Bank, Farmer's Credit Limit (FCL) was introduced to disburse grain/crop loan in a limit.


1 Year

Interest Rate:


Loan Process Fee:

0.5% but not more than 2,00,000/-

Deed Process Fee:

0.5% but not more than 1,00,000/-

Security Type:

1.5 times of Loan amount

Loan Limit:

In proportion of 70:30 Loan-equity of presented current capital


The farmer's family who are involved with various kind of grain/crop production and others agricultural activities throughout the year. But primarily farmers who are owner of agricultural land above 5 acre are eligible for this program.


Details Information:

Contact nearest branch.

N.B. : Rate of interest is variable time to time by the Bank Interest Rate Principles.