RAKUB Monthly Profit Scheme (RMPS)


RAKUB Monthly Profit Scheme (RMPS) is a deposit scheme which gives the profit amount/interest in every month. So that people can have their profit to add with their monthly expense.

Savings Period:

03 Years

Interest Rate:

5.90% simple rate

Monthly Installment Deposit:


Maturity Paid:

Have to deposit 50000/- or at multiplication rate of this at a time. Monthly profit will be deposited in depositor's sa



Loan Facility:

Upto 80% on Account Balance


1. Age must be 18 Years old or Above.
2. Bye-Law, Articles of Association and by committee's decision, educational institute, club and association can open account.
3. Citizen of Bangladesh and Sane person can open account.

Details Information:

Contact nearest branch.

N.B. : Rate of interest is variable time to time by the Bank Interest Rate Principles.